Management & Board

John Gammack   |   CEO & President

John Gammack is a long term supporter of Far, and brings extensive experience working with both public and private companies, including oil and gas, mining and technology. He has been involved in securing over $300 million dollars in financings over the last thirty years. He currently sits on the board of four companies: ENE-MIN Development Corp (a private lithium exploration and development company); Transylvania Metals (a private polymetallic exploration and development company); BE4 Resources (beryllium); and Agrocasa CBD Commodity Inc. (hemp).

Toby Mayo   |   VP Technology Development 

Toby Mayo has a well-rounded set of skills, including financial, commercial, technical, project management, IR and legal, with experience completing techno-economic and transaction-related studies of mining and metals projects across the globe.  This experience has prepared him well for the execution of FAR’s business strategies.  Mr. Mayo’s experience includes senior management positions at two TSX Venture Exchange listed mineral exploration companies.  He began his career as an exploration geologist for Rio Tinto in South America and northern and eastern Europe. Subsequently, Mr. Mayo has worked in a number of senior consulting roles, including the Investment and Business Planning group at Hatch in London and as senior technical advisor for Ivanhoe Mines Ltd. on the development of the Oyu Tolgoi project in Mongolia.

L. Frank Anderson   |   Director and Founder

Frank Anderson has been providing management and consulting services to publicly traded companies for over 30 years, with an emphasis on junior resource companies. As a long time, well respected member of the mineral industry, Anderson is well suited in acting as a company ambassador and providing oversight to company activities.  During his career, he served as president and director of a number of junior public companies, including L.G.R. Resources Ltd., Consolidated Agarwal Resources Ltd., and Pacific Talc Ltd., a junior resource company involved in the exploration of talc. Since June 2000, Mr. Anderson has been semiretired, providing management and consulting services to private and public companies on a part-time basis only.

Mark Fedikow, P. GEO   |   QP


Dr. Fedikow has over 40 years of experience as an exploration geochemist and mineral deposits geologist working in both private and public sectors. He is a Fellow at the Association of Applied Geochemists, where he’s previously worked as a councilor. Dr. Fedikow has also served on numerous industry-related committees. Since 2002, he has been the President of Mount Morgan Resources Ltd., a mining exploration company. Dr. Fedikow pioneered the application of regional multimedia geochemical and mineralogical surveys in support of base and precious metal and diamond exploration in Manitoba.


K. Lee Wheelbarger   |   Advisor, Energy Technology

Lee Wheelbarger has over 30 years of experience in Research, Development, Test & Evaluation (RDT&E) of battery-centered, high-reliability hybrid power systems and electronics, including cutting-edge systems for critical infrastructure, military, and marine applications, and is responsible for dozens of patents and inventions. As Senior Technologist and Lead Technical Integrator for the U.S. Army Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab (DBBL), Fort Benning, Georgia, he led the testing and integration of the first battlefield-ready “MilSpec” (1342B 2) hybrid battery-generator system. Mr. Wheelbarger subsequently oversaw the design and testing of mobile auxiliary battery-based systems that have been successfully installed in hundreds of police, emergency and utility vehicles. He currently designs and consults on hybrid solar generator systems that incorporate battery storage using best-of-breed lithium batteries to provide reliable power for critical infrastructure, mobile power and telecommunications applications. He is also managing a project to test sustained solar-battery propulsion and auxiliary power for vessels.

Roger B Wagner   |   Advisor, Business Development Clean Energy

Roger Wagner has acted as a legal and strategic advisor to leading energy and resource companies over his 35-year plus career, including as in-house counsel to the renewable energy subsidiary of a Fortune 200 company, senior partner in the energy and resource practice of two international law firms and an advisor to companies developing renewable energy, unconventional gas exploration technology, multi-minerals deposits, and renewable power. He has counselled companies and government clients of The World Bank, The Asian Development Bank, and US AID on reform of the energy and resource sectors, renewable energy and project development and finance. He is currently an advisor to a hybrid power solutions company, a solar energy technology company and an advisor/sponsor of a project to convert vessels to solar-battery power. He was educated at Yale and the University of Virginia School of Law.

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